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This work entitled ‘The Penguin Song’ is inspired by a documentary called “the encounters at the end of the world.” The song references a particular sequence in the documentary where we see a penguin that has gone mad at the end of the world. However, there is no scientific evidence that states that a penguin can go mad, but only that a penguin may get disoriented. 

The penguin is a symbol of oneself. It follows one’s journey as the victim of its landscape and how it is now a representation of the plethora of human emotions that live within us all.

It neither moves towards the colony or the ocean, towards the mountain or in land to Antarctica.

One can view this sadness and romanticise about meeting at the end of the world. Even though this feeling of isolation brings despair, you know that you can feel a moment of happiness when you finally meet at the end of the world knowing that you are not entirely alone. 

Join the Penguin Squad

This is a performative work, we are recruiting "penguins", using the filter to do a online performance artwork, if you are interested, feel free to contact me.

Please use snapchat to scan/download snap camera app on your computer, search"PENGUIN BY SIDNEY" to use  this filter. P.S all of them are different.

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snapcode 4.png
snapcode 2.png
snapcode 雪花帝企鹅仔.png
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